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Beef short ribs have long been the butchers best kept secret; a prized yet affordable cut that few know about and is so tasty when cooked well that they are commonly known as 'Jacobs Ladder' - the stairway to heaven.


We reckon Cape Grim are the best short ribs going. Purely grass fed to develop that distinctive beef flavour without generating the thick fat lines and caps that come with grain feed. These ribs have plenty of thick, rich rib meat generously interspersed with tenderising fat and impressive marbling in close contact to full-flavour imparting marrow bones. Cook these low and slow for a rich, melt in the mouth trip to beef heaven.


Cape Grim beef is reared on the rich pastures in the North of Tasmania, King Island and Flinders island. It is guaranteed to be completely hormone free, antibiotic free and certified humane at each stage of farming and production. 

By rearing and finishing on grass, without any grain or feedlot program, Cape Grim maximises the true beef flavour and, due to the rich pastures develops a natural marbling at MB2+ for a delicate, soft texture.