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Now this is great value that you won't easily find elsewhere! Beautiful, restaurant quality sirloin steaks from respected producers that have been MSA graded to guarantee quality all year round ..... at supermarket prices!

Famously given the name sirloin when king James the 1st stood up in the middle of a banquet and knighted his loin steak, such is the standout flavour and texture of this cut when taken from high quality beef. Expect a rich, full beef flavoured steak with a decadent layer of soft fat on top that renders, crisps and caramelises for that extra hit of stunning umami. 

Be sure to cook the steak standing upright on the fatty side with plenty of salt until soft and golden brown for a restaurant quality meal.


Free Rein is a branded program from Teys (one of Australias leading producers, manufacturers and distributors) designed to promote and further the ethical and sustainable domestic production of top-quality beef. Free Reign source 100% Australian grass fed beef that is independently certified by Meat Standards Australia and processed with the industry leading technology and facilities of Teys to ensure consistently excellent quality beef that supports advancement of ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.