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Here's the BBQ show-stopping centrepiece! At over 1 kg of beef and at least two inches thick, this monster looks the part and is perfect for anyone looking to reverse sear or smoke up a hefty lump of stunning steak. 

This one comes from the legends at Pure Black and is fed a unique blend of grass and barley to develop an extraordinary texture, flavour and an truly impressive marble score of 5+. 


From the same people that produce Cape Grim, Pure Black is their grain fed program of beautifully marbled Black Angus. Pure Black source only the finest Black Angus cattle from their program partner farms of the year round richest and most fertile regions of Southern Australia. They are finished on a dedicated and specially formulated diet program of barley and grass (with absolutely no added hormones) to develop and accentuate the natural marbling, stunning flavour and unrivalled texture that pure bred Black Angus is famous for.

One kilo plus of steak - vacuum sealed by the producer for extended shelf life