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Here's one for all you low and slow home bbq enthusiasts - the Boston Butt.

Cut from the top of the shoulder and neck with the skin removed, the Boston butt is a collection of boneless forequarter muscles with a sweet, rich pork flavour, indulgent marbling and long, sturdy muscle fibres. A slow cook is required to soften the muscle fibres and break down the connective tissues for the perfect melt in your mouth pulled pork but don't worry, this is a forgiving cut that won't dry out or overcook easily!


A full butt usually weighs over 5 kg so if you're after something a bit more suitable for just a few people try a collar butt. It's basically the same thing (cut from the same area and will cook and perform similarly), it's just smaller.


Based in Byron Bay, Borrowdale free Range Pork are renowned for producing the highest quality pork in an ethical, 100% carbon neutral manner. Free range farming practices with a focus on animal welfare, excellent hormone free diet and no moisture infusion produces a stunning high quality, ethical choice product. Try Borrowdale and see the difference, you'll fall in love with pork all over again!