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Ribeye, ribeye cutlet, cot de boeuf, cattlemans cutlet....whatever you call it, this is an outstanding cut of beef!

Soft, rich and flavoursome meat with delicate marbling and fat content with the marrow rich rib bone in for that extra bit of flavour and wow factor, this thick cut ribeye will impress. By rearing this outstanding pure Black Angus on a specially formulated and dedicated barley diet it develops a marble score of 5+ (that's basically Wagyu!) which, when combined with the natural superior flavour and texture of pure Black Angus delivers a steak unrivalled in balance of flavour and texture.


Cut super thick, these steaks are a worthy challenge and will easily feed four people. For best results, season the steaks generously and leave at room temperature for two hours or so before cooking. A reverse sear is the way to go with this one; stick the steak in an oven (or low temp bbq/smoker) on a rack at about 120°C and heat slowly until internal temp hits 52°C. Then hit it hot and hard on all sides on a grill or in a thick based pan for a rich umami crust. Rest only as long as the high heat cook takes as the internal temperature will be quite stable from the reverse sear. Then carve off the bone and serve. Sensational!


Pure Black source only the finest Black Angus cattle from their program partner farms of the year round richest and most fertile regions of Southern Australia. They are finished on a dedicated and specially formulated diet program of barley and grass (with absolutely no added hormones) to develop and accentuate the natural marbling, stunning flavour and unrivalled texture that pure bred Black Angus is famous for.

Vacuum sealed for maximum shelf life.