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St Louis style ribs are everything a bbq smoker dreams of!


Butchered a little differently - they are square cut to remove the sternum and most of the cartilage with the belly meat left on top and the skin off. This ensures an incredible ratio of meat to bone and just the right amount of protective fat coverage on top. Basically, this is a full a rack of pork spare ribs prepared as you would get with a rack of cap on beef short ribs. 


If you're spending hours cooking up a pork rib storm you might as well get the best and it doesn't get much better than this - the meatiest possible pork ribs from some of the best pork available - Borrowdale. Slicing these into individual ribs after cooking is something to behold - the meat retracts slightly to expose the tips of the bones (perfect for eating with fingers) and each rib comes with 2 - 3 times as much meat as bone with a stunning smoke ring and colour penetrating the delicate, flavoursome meat.


Bbq season is here, give these a crack and take your game to the next level!


Based in Byron Bay, Borrowdale free Range Pork are renowned for producing the highest quality pork in an ethical, 100% carbon neutral manner. Free range farming practices with a focus on animal welfare, excellent hormone free diet and no moisture infusion produces a stunning high quality, ethical choice product. Try Borrowdale and see the difference, you'll fall in love with pork all over again!

Units range from 1.8 to 2.6 kg and are vacuum sealed by the producer for maximum shelf life.