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This is the steak we have all been dreaming of!

At marble score 4+, this stunning Australian Wagyu Scotch Fillet finds a delightful balance between the rich, soft marbling and the delicious, tender meat. The perfect amount of marbling to be remarkably soft, yet not too much so as to be overwhelmingly rich. This is a bang up steak.

For best results season well and grill on a medium high thick flat grill plate or cast iron pan, turning regularly so as to caramelise the outer layer for the unique wagyu umami flavour whilst cooking the centre of the steak slowly to soften the marbling fat without melting it away.


Claiming to have the ‘worlds cleanest air’ – Robbins Island Tasmanian Wagyu are farmed on the North-western tip of Tasmania where these prized cattle are reared free to roam on luscious, natural pasture (supplemented with grain) in the ideal cool climate and fresh, saltwater air that is perfect for naturally raising high quality Wagyu cattle. With dedicated farming practices to ensure a peaceful, stress-free life, these cattle are herded between paddocks by horsemen at low tide where they swim peacefully through the pristine water channels of Robbins Island. The result is a prized and sought after uniquely flavoured and impressively marbled beef that reaches scores of up to MB9.

Robbins Island truly is Wagyu exactly as it should be

Vacuum sealed for maximum shelf life