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The rump cap (otherwise known as top sirloin or rump tender) is a versatile and severely under-rated cut of beef. Prized in South America for its excellent, deep rich flavour that is perfectly balanced with its tender yet firm texture, it is yet to receive its deserved popularity in Australia and is therefore still remarkably affordable. In fact, this could well be the best value cut of beef on the market.

Perfect to be roasted as a whole piece, portioned into steaks or if you're up for a really serious cook try a reverse sear by slowly bringing the core temp up with some smoke, then slicing into steaks and searing! Seriously, this cut of beef punches well above its price range.


Pure Black source only the finest Black Angus cattle from their program partner farms of the year round richest and most fertile regions of Southern Australia. They are finished on a dedicated and specially formulated diet program of barley and grass (with absolutely no added hormones) to develop and accentuate the natural marbling, stunning flavour and unrivalled texture that pure bred Black Angus is famous for.

1.1-1.2 kg piece (may have been trimmed to make weight requirements), vacuum sealed for maximum shelf life.