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The staple for any low and slow enthusiast, this point end brisket thats 100% grass fed in Adelaide is truly amazing and incredible value. With the unmistakable full-flavour of grass-fed beef combined with the richness, this here is the go to for any serious bbq smoker but will also perform well with a long braise or for pulled beef.


We all love the point end of the brisket (even if the deckle has been taken off). They are thick, reasonably even and exquisitely marbled with a gorgeous layer of protective fat on top. They cook beautifully; easy to monitor, thick enough to take hours of smoke and sufficiently marbled for a forgiving cook that won't dry out. 


36 Degree South source exclusively British breed cattle reared on the rich pastures at the foothills of the Coonawarra wine region in South Australia. This unrivalled and indulgent beef is independently certified by Meat Standards Australia to guarantee a tender, juicy and flavoursome product.